Wedding Ins and Outs for 2024 from Weddings by eve


Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable Weddings have been on the rise for a number of years and with The Sustainable Wedding Alliance launching in 2021, there is all the guidance you need readily available. This is certainly here to stay. Venues are seeing that couples are adapting a socially responsible approach to their wedding planning and responding to this in their packages. Check out how to plan a sustainable wedding at RSA House.

Bold colour palettes

The Kim Kardashian all neutral house is out and so is a neutral wedding. With the Pantone colour being peach fuzz, were expecting lot’s of oranges and pinks. Don’t be afraid to bring in pops of a range of colours, like this wedding at 41 Portland Place.

Guest dress codes

In 2023 we saw the start of couples imposing a dress code for their guests. Highly popular was an all black dress code, creating incredibly chic photos. With bolder colours expected in 2024, we think this trend will continue but with a whole lot more colour!

Non-traditional timelines

Long ceremonies are a thing of the past, couples are opting to skip to the partying as quickly as possible. We think we’ll see more evening ceremonies, heading straight into the party. Scary for us wedding coordinators to think but there may also be more and more couples having first looks or even receptions before the ceremony, leaving superstitions of not seeing each other behind.

Amazing food and drink

Guest experience is high on couples agendas and the best way to create an unforgettable day is providing them with extraordinary food and drinks. This is exactly what bring the eve portfolio together, all our venues are catered by Company of Cooks. We’re all about the detail, all of our menus are handcrafted and we love to show our couples personality through their choices.

Unique ceremony locations

With UK laws on outdoor ceremonies changing, there are unimaginable amounts of new civil ceremony locations across the country. Whilst you can’t count on the British weather, if you’re lucky you can create spectacular destination wedding feel without the flight! If this is your vibe, then Chiswick House and Gardens has you covered with this idyllic courtyard space.

Reception dress changes to mini dresses

A second dress is certainly not a new idea but it’s definitely on this rise, especially a mini dress that really changes the vibe from the traditions of the day to time to party! We’re loving some of the fun looks we have seen and the switch in film photography style for evening pictures.

Wedding day content creators

Having a photographer and videographer may not be enough anymore. We need more instant images and videos so couples can share TikToks and reels with their friends and family in as little as 24 hours after their wedding. We are loving seeing more of the behind the scenes of couples and their wedding party.


Champagne towers

Champagne towers are certainly not extinct but we think champagne might be taking a back seat to make way for some new ideas such as martini or margarita towers.

Elaborate wedding invitation

We’ve all received a wedding invitation, stuck it on the fridge and not looked at it again until the day before. So why not just send it electronically? This will save money, time and paper – and saving trees is a big tick for those sustainably conscious couples! Although invitations might be out, beautiful on the day stationery will still be around but with an eco-friendly touch. Using plantable seed paper is our favourite solution, giving guests a really special takeaway.

DIY weddings

The days of creating your own décor are over. These days there’s a supplier out there for anything imaginable. If you can think of it, there’ll be someone out there ready to make it happen. We’ll be seeing polished weddings

Traditional cake cuttings

It’s tradition that dates back to the Victorian’s so were ready to mix it up. We’ll be seeing more dessert stations or silent cuttings but our favourite is a smaller cake for each table so guests can have their own mini ceremonies to celebrate the couple.

Relaxed entertainment during receptions

You best be ready to party from the outset, expect roaming bands, saxophonists and singer waiters. Chilled out acoustic receptions just aren’t brining enough of the energy we need! Nightclub inspired after parties are in, so it’s only right the pre-drinks gets you in the mood!

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