Why you should host training days outside the office


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It is a well-known fact that a company is only as good as its people. This is why successful brands such as Google determine that their success is down to investing in their employees to ensure they get the best out of them and knowing that growth will follow in return. As nice as it is to receive a competitive salary, it is proven that investment in employee, leadership and development training is crucial to a company’s success. Whilst training of any kind can result in a positive outcome in employee work, training is most effective when held in a new environment. Here at eve, we have a variety of training venues in London that are perfect for your away training days. Here are our 4 reasons why you should hold your training day outside of the office:

1. Enhanced learning environment ✔️
Holding your training day outside of the office can provoke more interest and concentration from employees as they take a break from their usual work routine. Although the cost of moving the training session outside of the office may be a deterrent, this investment can result in a much higher ROI in the future and is a small compromise for the learning experience. Whatever you need a room for, we have some great training spaces that you can browse here.

2. Less interruptions = more focus 👀
Trying to learn in a busy environment can be task enough without having to juggle this alongside a hefty to-do list. Being in the same building can make it harder for them to break out of the work-mode mentality. By physically moving employees outside of the work building, this can allow them to separate their mind from the work environment and put some time away to dedicate towards their training. Ironmongers’ Hall, one of our central London training venues, captures attention with its charm and ambience making it the perfect setting for your training day.

3. Boost team morale 😄
Bringing the team together outside of the office gives them the opportunity to develop their working relationships and bond with one another. Working in an environment different to their usual workplace encourages them to interact with someone new instead of catching up on that email in spare time. Chiswick House and Gardens is the perfect place to get your team up and away from their desk and socialising in a vibrant environment.

4. Shows that you value your employees ❤️
Arguably one of the most important causes to provoking the best out of your employees is showing that they are valued members of the business. Taking your employees out of the office and spending time and money on their development shows that they are valued and makes them loyal to the company’s goal in return.

Now that you know the benefits of holding your training day outside of the office, browse our training venues in London and beyond here.

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