Why you should consider virtual wedding venue viewings


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By Go Ask eve

Calling all recently engaged couples! Are you beginning your UK wedding venue search?

You may be feeling like you don’t know where to start… With ever-changing guidance over the last year, many couples have struggled to move forward with their wedding planning.

We are here to help and if you haven’t already considered a virtual viewing of your shortlist of wedding venues, we promise that you are missing out! If the last year has taught us anything, it is to always think outside the box. When in-person meetings are limited and technology is thriving, naturally we go to the next best thing which is viewing your venue shortlist list over the screen. Here are just a few reasons why virtual wedding viewings might be exactly what you need.

When you know, you know…

The start of your wedding venue search can feel overwhelming. In the UK there are so many different styles of venues, from exclusive London Townhouse wedding venues to countryside barns; the variety of choice really is endless.

Sometimes, you may think you know what you are looking for but it isn’t until you have visited different venues, that you decide exactly what it is you like and most importantly how you envisage your wedding day. A virtual wedding viewing can help you determine exactly what it is you are looking for. It allows you to explore different venues and get to know the spaces. Just remember the key question to ask yourselves along the way is simply…can you see yourselves getting married in this venue? When you know… you know!

Juggling life and wedding planning

During the current climate, it can feel like you aren’t ‘officially’ starting your wedding journey without being able to your venue shortlist in person, we don’t blame you as this has always been what we have known. Trust us when we say there has never been a better time to start wedding planning. Life has slowed down meaning this time is priceless. Before we know it things will become busy and it will be hard to find the time for your wedding admin. We understand that you might be busy with work, general life events and juggling wedding planning, it really can be challenging to fit it all in!

Virtual viewings allow you relax in the comfort of your own home, enjoy time together and virtually step through the door of beautiful London wedding venues without even having to leave your own front door.

If you are struggling to get started and want to begin your wedding planning journey in a fun and gradual way, you can read our top tips here. Remember that many London wedding venues are getting booked up very quickly for 2022 and 2023 dates. Due to the number of weddings that have been postponed and new weddings, diaries are filling fast!

Get to know your venue dream team

Never underestimate how important the initial connection and feeling you have when you first interact with your wedding venue team. After all, they will be a big part of your wedding and will be responsible for delivering the most memorable day of your life. Trust is such an important factor when building your wedding planning tribe. At RSA House we believe that by really getting to know you as a couple, this is the simple key to delivering a truly unforgettable wedding day for you. In our opinion, one of the greatest things about virtual venue viewings is that we’ve gotten to know couples on a more personal level than ever before. We like to use the beginning of our call to form a relationship with you and most importantly, we want to! This isn’t just our profession; it’s instilled in us and is our purpose and passion.

It’ll be worth the wait

Trust us when we say, as soon as you step foot in your dream venue… it will be worth the wait! Being able to virtually view your venue before you visit in person builds up so much more excitement. Your wedding journey will fly by and it is so important to enjoy every moment. Use this time wisely, you deserve every moment of excitement along the way.


A few top tips on how to prepare for your virtual wedding viewing from the RSA House team…

Ask as many questions as you need to: Your wedding venue team are there to support you every step of the way, initial questions about how your wedding is going to look in the venue are so important. Come prepared with a list of things you want to know… however long or short!

Thinking ahead: Be sure to let the venue know anything that is important to you before the visit, the venue may be able to personalise the tour for you to cover off these points. Could it be the venue needs to be accessible? Would you like a choice of nearby hotels to choose from? A beautiful staircase?

Make a rough list of requirements: This is a great idea to share with your wedding venue prior to your viewing appointment. The main questions a venue will ask you are: how many guests are you planning to invite? Do you have a specific date in mind and if not, what are your preferred days and months? Are you looking to host your ceremony and reception at the venue? What are you looking for in your perfect London wedding venue? What type of cuisine would you like? Do you have any non-negotiables? For example, is it essential for you to work with certain suppliers in order for you to host your wedding at the venue?

If you are searching for a unique London wedding venue that has three beautiful styles of venue under one roof and can accommodate all elements of your wedding day, we’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with eve.