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We know that, as event professionals, your free time is like gold dust. You’re productive people, right? So, if you’re anything like us, you fill whatever spare time you do have with activities that keep you on track. The eve fitness and wellbeing series is what you’ve been looking for, as we explore the weird, wild and wonderful trends in London right now.

The demand for traditional classes to up their game with some fresh twists is higher than ever. Did you even workout if it wasn’t an Insta-worthy event? With this in mind, we kick off the first in our series with Sunrise Yoga, revealing the amazing benefits an hour-long class can have on your mind, body and soul.

The last time I was awake at 4.45am was Christmas Day circa 1997. But, for Sunrise Yoga, this early-morning wake-up call is understandably essential. Heading up 36 floors to an indoor tropical rainforest, with the City as a backdrop, makes it all feel worthwhile though. Grab your mats and your morning in the Sky Garden is a-go. A great spot for live music on Saturday nights, too (you’re welcome).

Expect to find a mix of (super smug) young, old, male, female, beginners and advanced here, all following the instructions of Roanna Rose (@yoga.ro), who’s relaxing voice will have you falling into a mini coma in no time. “You are strong, you are powerful, you are focused” are the worlds instilled in you throughout the class as you meditate between each move. At eve, we felt empowered and uplifted, and as the sun rises, it doesn’t take long to find your zen.

Traditional yogic texts state that the hours of 4-6am are best for meditation and yoga – while your mind is at its most still, along with the rest of the world. We know this powers our brains, but what effect does this have on our bodies?

  1. Reduces stress – with the average daily commute taking around 40-60 minutes, and studies showing that travelling over 20 minutes causes a serious increase in stress and anxiety, starting the day in a complete state of relaxation can allow you to keep your cool when someone pulls the passenger alarm for the second time on the central line.
  2. Boosts your metabolism and improves digestion – those downward dogs play a crucial role here!
  1. Regulates your sleep rhythm and balances your hormones – Certain poses used in the practice stimulate the pineal gland which excretes melatonin – essential for regulating sleep patterns and balancing hormones.
  2. A caffeine alternative – get rid of those jitters! The specific type of breathing carried out during an early morning yoga session stimulates fresh oxygen to help wake up the brain, feeling like a jolt of caffeine. Except the energy boost you feel from deep pranayama breathing lasts all day long!

There’s no doubt that making time for morning yoga will have you shining both inside and outside work life, but are you brave enough to set the alarm?


You will find sunrise yoga sessions happening all over London. Follow Roanna Rose for full details.

In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing our eve morning yoga sessions, which will begin at a more leisurely start time and will end with an energy boosting power breakfast. Sign up to our newsletter and be one of the first to know when dates are released.

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