Wedding tablescaping tips from Dartmouth House


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By Go Ask eve

Styling your wedding venue can be the most exciting part of the planning process but also the most daunting.

I see a lot of weddings at Dartmouth House, so they often blur into one. But, something I’ll never forget is a gorgeous tablespace. I’m sure you’ve got a few questions about this, so I’ll try and answer them for you.

So, first things first, what is tablescaping and why bother?

Well, the simplest explanation is, it’s a table setting… But it’s so much more than that. It’s a way of completely transforming your dining area and enhancing your guest’s experience. It’s combining every element on the table to create a real treat for the eyes!

There are never-ending possibilities for creating elaborate floral centrepieces that your guests won’t forget and it’s easy to get carried away. But if you’re saving your budget for other areas of your wedding and not wanting to overspend, combining several small and simple elements together can create a more exciting look and wow your guests.

You will always need glassware, cutlery, and crockery on the table, so why not make it something to remember.

What should you think about to make a good tablescape?

  • Colour, whether this be contrasting or complementing, have a play around and find what looks good together. The subtle colours in The Long Drawing Room at Dartmouth House means you don’t need to worry about clashing with the venue.
  • Check the size of the table at your venue. You need to ensure all your decorative items fit, in addition to the necessities.
  • Think about adding different textures and heights but make sure your guests can still see each other across the table.
  • A napkin fold can go a long way. You’ll need them anyway and there are so many ways to fold and tie napkins, adding another element to the table. We offer a range colours and materials of upgraded linen.
  • Sparkle and shine! This could be the glassware, mirrors, candles, or perhaps gold foil name settings.
  • Why not make it edible? Have your cake and eat it by including your food. Chat with our chef to make sure your menu works with your designs.

I could go on all day, but finally… Make it personal! You can carry your theme through to your place cards and favours to keep it cohesive.

Where to get inspiration?

You guessed it. Instagram and Pinterest are of course great places to find inspiration and this might not always come from wedding related accounts.

Chat with the seasoned pros. Your wedding suppliers and coordinator will have seen countless table styling concepts and will be able to give you their input.

Your wedding venue and its area! Choosing a venue like Dartmouth House, offers you plenty of places to draw ideas from, whether it be the beautifully ornate ceilings or iconic surroundings of Mayfair. This also helps to add those personal touches too!

If you’re anything like me and binged the whole of Below Deck, you’ll be aware of the queen of theme herself, Bugsy Drake. And she’s not the only person on our screens showing off the magic of tablescaping. The Kardashians have certainly given me some aspirational ideas. Basically, if you’re a lover of reality TV like I am, keep the remote handy so you can pause to take in all the little details if something catches your eye!

You must be ready to get tablescaping now?

If you haven’t secured your venue yet and have been inspired by the examples at Dartmouth House, get in touch with eve to discuss your wedding and tablescaping plans.

Credit: Image 1 – Epic Love Story.