Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator


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Celebrating an engagement is one of the most exciting times for couples and it is a time to think ahead to the big day and think of ideas for your big day. When it comes to planning your wedding day, it is important to get your team together and one of those key people might be a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator. Before you commit to one, here’s the key points on the whether you want a wedding coordinator or a wedding planner.

What does a Wedding Planner do? 

A wedding planner can be as involved as you want them to be, they act as a key person throughout the initial part of the wedding. Planners are great to have on side if you and your partner aren’t confident or simply don’t have the time to do the big amounts of research that a planner can do. Some planners help you create a timeline from the start, sourcing venues, gathering quotes and being the bridge between the suppliers and you.

A couple can have an idea of how they want their day to look but making that a reality can be hard to figure out, that’s where your planner can come in and lend an assistance. They will have years of experience under their belt and have a good understanding of how to guide couples to design choices that will reflect their vision for the day.

Holly, Creative Director at Revelry, says “A full-service planner is a wedding pro who is by your side for your entire wedding planning journey – from finding you the perfect venue and suppliers, to finessing the smoothest schedule you’ve ever seen, to designing and brainstorming with you, to being there on the day to ensure it runs perfectly. We love working with our couples this way, seeing the entire wedding vision come to life from a single brief.” The team at the Revelry are experts in creating weddings with a creative flair, for weddings in the UK and overseas, they have helped a number of couples plan their wedding at The Painted Hall throughout 2023. Revelry has a range of packages designed for all budgets to make sure that you’re enjoying your wedding, while they do a lot of planning for you!

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What does a Wedding Coordinator do? 

You’ll find that a wedding coordinator can be included as a part of the process of booking your venue. In ways, the role of a coordinator can be confused with a planner, as they will be your point of call for the day but, differently to a planner, you have full creative choice; you’ll own your budget and instead a wedding coordinator will assist in making your wedding work in their venue. Once you have secured the date with your coordinator, the real planning will take place such as meetings to discuss menus and drinks options – a highlight for a lot of our couples!

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Our wedding coordinators will have a list of trusted suppliers who will know the space almost as well as the coordinators, they may offer meetings with your suppliers throughout the process so you can feel confident about your wedding choices. Differently to a planner, they will have more contact with you as a couple, a few weeks out from your wedding. They will have created a timeline that factors in set up and break down for production, florists, and catering; they will also have cross checked your own timeline of how the day will proceed so that they can ensure, operationally, it flows seamlessly.

Having a wedding coordinator is great for back up planning as well, to have someone dedicated solely to your venue will mean they have seen the trials and tribulations – or at least know how to solve any sudden issues! Whether it’s having a plan-B in place for the outdoor cocktail hour might not be fully weatherproof or you need to suddenly change the seating around very last minute – your wedding coordinator will be sure to support you from the start of the day until the end of the night.

What is fantastic about either a wedding coordinator or planner is that whichever you might choose, they have your best interest at heart, they will be on hand to support you through your process. A lot of wedding coordinators will work with a planner so and most likely be there to cheers you at the end of the aisle, making sure you have a spectacular day.

If you are recently engaged or ready to dive into wedding planning, take a look through our range of venues here and reach out to our designated team on hand to help you on your way.