Top 15 wedding etiquette tips


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When it comes to weddings, there are so many wedding etiquette rules to bear in mind.

Listed below are fifteen wedding etiquette rules that should always be followed for their wedding day. This will ensure that the many months of wedding planning by the couple for their wedding day goes off without a hitch.

  1. The first and foremost, it is important to be respectful of the couple’s wishes. If they have specific requests for their wedding day, be sure to follow them.
  2. RSVP on time with all dietaries. For those that are not aware the venue will have strict deadlines the couple have to adhere to. The couple will be ensuring they cater to everyone’s requirements on their wedding day. One of the many moments in the wedding planning where there is added pressure.
  3. Punctuality is an important wedding etiquette rule. The planning of any wedding day will be carefully designed to ensure for the smooth running of their wedding day.
  4. If there are restrictions on guests, be respectful towards the couple. This includes the ‘NO KIDS’ rule. Remember this is not your wedding day.
  5. Along with this please ensure you do not disturb the couple too much leading up to the wedding day. Look into the journey, accommodation, and any other arrangements you require to make. They will be under pressure with all arrangements for their wedding day and key wedding guests, do not let them be worried about you as well in their wedding planning.
  6. Dress code is a very important wedding etiquette rule. On the wedding day look into the cultural background as to colours not to wear on the wedding day. White is usually for western weddings when the Bride traditionally wear white down the aisle. Asian weddings will be red, gold and green as traditional but other colours can apply.
  7. For the wedding party, be mindful when you provide your opinion on what you are being asked to wear.. The couple have planned and had a vision for their day and if you are not sensitive and respectful of this, then this will add to pressure on the day.
  8. The couple have invited you to enjoy their day, however, remember they would also like to take some moments to themselves on their wedding day. Photographs are one time, during the reception, the first dance, cake cutting and most importantly during their wedding breakfast. This is a moment when they share their first meal together as a married couple and constant interruptions will take away this moment. Furthermore this is the moment they can finally relax after months of wedding planning.
  9. Unless you have been advised otherwise a card at a minimum is suitable to take on the wedding day. Please read the invitation to ensure if they have got a gift list or have clearly stated ‘NO BOXED GIFTS.’
  10. Speeches are always a tense moment, not just for those doing the speech but for the audience. The correct wedding etiquette is to look engaged and if the speech is not to your liking keep your comments to yourself. Most people are not born presenters, so speaking on the wedding day may not come naturally.
  11. The Guest Book is a great way to reminisce. Be respectful and ensure you write appropriate comments. It is common for other guests to read the guest book for ideas on the wedding day. Think if this was your guest book would you appreciate the same comment.
  12. Social Media and use of phones is an important wedding etiquette to manage. Keep phone usage to a minimum. Try to avoid posting too much as the newlyweds may want to restrict what photos are available to the public during their celebrations on their wedding day.
  13. Weddings are a moment to enjoy and celebrate. With food and drink flowing, ensure you are mindful of other guests and take care of the amount you consume throughout the wedding day. Everyone has a limit so don’t exceed yours as you might spoil the wedding day for others.
  14. Offering your help and assistance to the couple is very sweet wedding etiquette. However, ensure you respect the couples’ requests and don’t add more pressure to them as helping is supposed to ease the pressure for the wedding day.
  15. Finally, be sure to mind your manners throughout the entire event.


By following these simple wedding etiquette rules, you can ensure that the couple have a stress-free wedding day that they’ll remember forever.