Summer weddings at RSA House: How to make them memorable


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By Go Ask eve

Blush peonies, colourful and refreshing cocktails and fruity desserts.

Do we have your attention now? Keep reading to know why RSA House is the perfect location for your summer wedding.

Food and Beverage Offer

First and foremost, our food and beverage offer. All our couples agree that food is one of the predominant aspects of their wedding.

If you have already enquired with us, you will probably know that we offer three packages that include food and beverage suggestions for your special day. Yes, we think it’s important to give couples a guideline, as they might not know all the different things they should consider when planning their wedding refreshments.

However, we also think it’s important to encourage them to put their stamp on their selection and make their special day unique to what best reflects their taste.  Our Head Chef Darren Archer also changes the menus seasonally to create great food experiences and to give our guests a taste of the different seasons.

When we talk about summer, we imagine ourselves drinking fruity cocktails and rose wines, or eating fresh desserts. Our in-house catering partner, CH&CO, creates delicious menus to celebrate the colours of this beautiful season. Ask us for suggestions if you are unsure of what to choose and if you would like our recommendations. We love getting involved in your menu design!

Our chef and our beverage team will be delighted to help you find sensational options to delight your guests’ palates.

We have bright, open spaces

Another significant aspect to consider when planning your summer wedding is that RSA House has a wide variety of open spaces and bright rooms with large windows.  This means you get natural daylight without giving up the comfort of air conditioning. It might not sound like a big pro, but believe me, when emotions get going, the temperature rises!

Being outside is wonderful, of course, hopefully with the sun beaming on your face. If it is sunny on your wedding day, you can make the most of this for your wedding photographs. However imagine the feeling of that cool air con as you step back into the venue for your drinks and canapes, you can’t beat it! Especially if you choose our Benjamin Franklin room with the bonus of the views outside to the sunny skies on the Strand, or views out to John Adam Street if you hire the Tavern. You get the best of both the glorious sunshine and the coolness of the aircon this way!

On the other hand, if you are destined for a rainy day, you won’t have to find a plan B to save your guests from getting wet, and you can still enjoy the view. Sun or rain, we have got you covered!

Decorations always help to add a personal touch and set the vibe of your wedding. Choose your favourite summer flowers and decorate our Benjamin Franklin room as you like or arrange peonies and roses to match the beautiful paintings in the Great Room.

If you would like RSA House to look more summery, our advice is to bring the outside in. When you plan an outdoor wedding, you need to consider hiring all the furniture, however, as we already include everything at RSA House, you can use the extra budget to go crazy with the decorations.

Our Georgian townhouse has countless unique photo opportunities by itself, if you add a touch of mother nature, it becomes even more special.

Why not consider having scented candles and diffusers to scan the different parts of your day? Think about your love, think about your memories together, and choose scents that tell your story. Bring your guests on a sensory journey by choosing a different fragrance for every room you will use on your day. This is a very easy but powerful way to make an impact on your guests and add a luxurious element to your celebration.

When you book RSA House, you have the luxury of a vast selection of incredible locations for your wedding pictures that look stunning during the summer. Imagine yourself walking on the riverbank or posing on the grass at the Victoria Embankment Gardens. I don’t want to spoil our next blog, so I will stop here.

We’ll give you all the tips for the best spot for your wedding pictures very soon.  Stay tuned!

RSA House is an iconic Georgian townhouse wedding venue that offers you everything under one roof for your London wedding. If you have already taken the big step, just ask eve and they’ll do the rest.


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