How to Wow Your Guests: Summer Party Ideas


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By Go Ask eve

Written by 41 Portland Place.


The sun is shining, it’s 8pm and you’re sipping a refreshing mocktail or cocktail… and you’re on a gorgeous rooftop in central London. What more could you want on a glorious summer evening? While we’re still in hibernation mode and waiting for the clocks to change, why not get ahead of the game and start looking towards booking your summer parties now – no occasion needed! At 41 Portland Place, we have put some ideas together for your summer party that will wow your guests.

Switch out canapes for a barbecue or street food stalls

First things first, what is going to make the biggest impact at your summer event? Food! Whilst you could opt for canapes and light bites for your party, which is a fool proof choice as everyone loves a canape, why not lean into the heat of the summer and opt for a barbecue or street food stall menu instead? There is nothing that screams ‘British Summer’ more than enjoying a roaring barbecue in the sun with friends, except this time its slightly more elevated than a disposable barbecue in the park.

If a barbecue isn’t really your style, then a street food stall might be up your ‘alley’ instead. Choose from a selection of delicious, hearty meals that accentuate the hedonism and good vibes of a Marylebone rooftop.

Colour coordinate your cocktails to your florals

So, after food, the next most important thing is your drinks. Whether they are alcohol-free mocktails or cocktails they should be the star of the show. Why serve a standard gin and tonic when you can jazz up your party with beautiful, colourful cocktails that add some extra fun to your event. You could lean into the summer theme and add some seasonal garnishes to your colourful cocktails, such as fresh flowers and herbs, or some spice for some extra heat. Mocktails are a thing of the future and are not to be neglected, as they are a delicious and refreshing alternative to a cocktail.

Take this splash of colour even further by matching your cocktails to the colours of your floral arrangements and create the perfect set-up for some insta-worthy snaps of your day. Some of our favourite British seasonal flowers are sunflowers, sweet pea, and hydrangeas, which all lend to some gorgeous coordinating cocktails!

Party games are always a hit!

Whilst party games may sound like a thing of the past, they are a great way to get your guests interacting with one another and avoiding groups being too spread out. We have a range of games to choose from or we could tailor a more bespoke entertainment experience for your party, but no one’s too old for Giant Jenga.

You could also opt for some entertainment such as a magician or an artist to do caricatures of your guests, leaving everyone with a memorable party favour.

Live music – change it up from the charts

Along with party games and magicians, live music is another way to liven up any crowd and bring some good vibes to our rooftop oasis in Marylebone. Whether you go for an acoustic guitar, some mellow jazz, or slam poetry (if that’s your thing), turning off the speakers and opting for a live performer is always a special treat that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Come prepared

Last but not least, one key element that will wow your guests and ensure they have a great time – come prepared! We all know what London weather is like, it can be gorgeous blue skies one minute and torrential rain the next. You could choose to stay outside and live our your Notebook fantasy (without Ryan Gosling unfortunately) but we are guessing you would rather be dry and holding a non-diluted drink. To avoid the rain, make sure you have a wet weather option ready. You can either choose to pop inside to one of our gorgeous rooms, or we can shelter you from the rainfall with our parasols that cover the majority of the space. Explore our venue here to find the perfect space for your summer party.

On the other hand, remember your suncream if we happen to be in the midst of a heatwave again as our rooftop is the ultimate sun trap!