How to stay zen as an event professional


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The events industry can be a stressful one, with so much rushing around and multi-tasking, keeping zen is often the last thing on your to-do list. Here at eve, we have tips for staying relaxed and calm under pressure- which can be implemented before, during and after your event!

Plan ahead for peace of mind

If you want to stay zen and calm at your next event, you need to plan ahead and get organised. Long before you get into full on scary planning mode and have a million and one to-do lists, sit down, make a nice cup of tea (or opt for something stronger) and be clear as day about what the event is for and your end goals. This will save stress and anxiety creeping in when the event is well underway. Ask yourself what the overall goal of the event is and calmly plan to cover all eventualities well in advance!

Sweet dreams

Have a big event coming up and know that you’ll be absolutely shattered? Then it’s time to get those zzz in now! We all know the importance of a good night’s kip for being our sharpest selves, and the events industry can be very full-on so ensuring that you get the rest you need can be vital for your busy schedule.

Pick the right venue

Planning an event and want to really focus on wellness and your attendees staying zen throughout? Make sure you choose a venue that is going to support you here. Do your research on what the venues out there have to offer: natural lighting and outdoor space will help to keep your delegates feeling fresh, and perhaps you could have options for outdoor yoga during the lunch period or a balcony for a breakout space. eve venue, BMA House, has two outside spaces paired with beautiful bright indoor rooms which are perfect for bringing the outdoors in, and clean bright spaces to keep you and your attendees motivated and feeling vibrant – lovely.

Get active

Physical activity encourages the production of endorphins (commonly called the feel-good hormone) in the brain and feeling good will help you feel more inspired and energised when it comes to your personal and work life too… hurrah! Just a small amount of exercise each day can encourage drastic improvements to mental wellbeing – and it’s often noticeable right away. You don’t need to take your delegates for a run or give them all a gym pass, but try to find way to incorporate exercise into your event and you’ll be away. If you’re holding a conference or training session and people have been sitting for a long while, set a timer for hourly stand-ups or incorporate walking meetings into your day – this is a sure-fire way to keep your corporate events engaging and delegates focused.

Wellness lounges

Offering a space for your delegates to refresh and recharge throughout an event can really help to keep them focused and positive. Consider incorporating a wellness lounge with healthy snacks and refreshing drinks, calm lighting and a quiet space. You don’t want your delegates to start switching off and lose interest in what they’re really here for, but giving them a few minutes to reset in a designated area can work wonders for productivity.

Remember to breathe

Something pretty important and yet we all forget it. Ensure that you’re breathing properly and take opportunities to ‘check in’ or ground yourself with breathing techniques. It’s common to experience a bit of a sensory overload at events for both planners and delegates, especially if you’re attending an evening event with lots going on in the way of entertainment, music, alcohol and a busy space. A great way to keep yourself calm is to practice breathing techniques like the ‘7/11’: breathe in for seven seconds and out for eleven – the idea is that exhaling for longer than you inhale can calm the body down (and help to improve focus, too!)

Stop scrolling

There is so much out there right now about how social media affects us mentally. No doubt most of us have felt the impact of this first-hand – and Instagram is a key culprit. Studies show that reducing social media use has a positive impact on mental wellbeing and was even seen to reduce loneliness, anxiety and depression in those who took part.

We’ve even seen delegates scrolling and typing midway through seminars and talks – like, is anyone even listening anymore?! As an event organiser you can take actions to reduce smartphone use throughout your event by asking delegates to put their phones away whilst speakers are doing their thing and then whip them out again within breaks so that they can still promote your event on social media – perfect.

For an even more stress-free event management experience, don’t forget that you can leave it to eve.