What you need to know before booking exhibition venues in London


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Here at eve, we’re your go-to when it comes to planning large events or searching for the right destination for your exhibition venues in London. With a wide variety of beautiful spaces, all of different sizes and with their own unique characters, we’re sure to have the perfect venue to suit your needs. eve is definitely not short of options when it comes to exhibition venues in London! Exhibition centres can hold an array of events, such as conferences, meetings, and award ceremonies, typically being incredibly versatile and accommodating. With plenty of options, we know just how tricky it can be to find the perfect space, which is why we’re going to share our 4 top tips on what should be considered before booking exhibition venues in London.

1. Match the venue to the event (plan, plan, plan!)
Before diving into a sea of options, you must know the specifics; type of event, number of attendees, and spend. Venue size is crucial as you don’t want guests feeling uncomfortable or have to leave people standing due to a lack of preparation! You also don’t want to end spending too much money on a venue that will the event feeling empty. You’ll also want the venue to match the type of event you’re having, for instance, you won’t want an ancient hall for a high-tech event.

2. Creating an unforgettable atmosphere.
You should always make time to visit the venues in person to really get a feel of their size, layout, and overall suitability. There are a number of things you can pick up in person that can’t be shown online. For example, the acoustics and cleanliness of the venue, as well as possible negative factors such as kitchen noise or traffic noise. You can assess these issues so see if they could potentially cause a clash or interference with your event.

3. Checking audio-visual facilities.
Here we refer to the attendee experience and, depending on your event, you will most probably need audio-visual facilities to ensure you have a successful event. We recommend you checking the microphone systems the venue has in place to ensure that even the people at the back at the room have a positive experience. Of course, WiFi is incredibly important too, especially if your event is also being held online. It is imperative that you check that it is available and that it meets your requirements.

4. Budget, budget, budget.
We know just how tricky budgeting can be, which is why we recommend you focus on the following to ensure you don’t overspend; venue hire, equipment rental, advertising and promotion, extra facilities such as WiFi, guest speakers, and catering (of course!). When the costs start to grow, think creatively and focus on what can be stripped back and what is imperative to the event.

With these top tips in mind, you’re set to find the perfect exhibition venue in London and ensure a successful event!

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