Event name badge ideas that’ll beat the bog standard – plus a handy template


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As seasoned event profs, it’s uncommon for us to attend an event and not know what to expect. There are some elements of a corporate event that are pretty much a sure-bet, and we can comfortably say that having a name badge pinned to you somewhere is probably one of them.

To many, it seems a trivial, non-detail of an event, but understanding the importance of the smaller details is something that we take seriously at eve.

Event name badges are more than just identification tags; they can be powerful tools for brand representation, attendee engagement, and data collection. Going beyond the basic “Hello, my name is” labels, modern name badges can be customised to reflect the event’s theme, capture attendee data through RFID technology, and even encourage social media sharing. From sustainable materials to personalised caricatures, the options for making your event name badges unique and functional are vast, impacting not just the event’s success but also future planning and brand promotion.

Alternative event name badge ideas

Choosing a custom event name badge allows organisers to utilise additional branding opportunities, reflect the values of their event and provide more personalised experiences for attendees. We’ve shared our favourite alternative conference name badge ideas:

Sustainable event name badges

As we become more aware of the impacts of climate change and the increasing importance of understanding our environmental impact as both individuals and businesses, making small changes to make your events more sustainable can have big effects.

Instead of using paper or plastic badges, consider having your design printed (or carved) onto wood, biodegradable plastic or recycled material as a more eco-friendly alternative – you can even get plantable seed paper badges that are entirely biodegradable, if you do fancy the paper route.

Caricature conference badges

You know that corporate events don’t have to be dull, right? Add personality into your event and give each visitor a caricature name badge – we all know that personalisation can work wonders, and this is a great way of encouraging your delegates to talk about your event on social media.

Nailing event name badge design

First things first, you need to consider how your name badges can reflect your brand and your event – and then what you want them to achieve. What purpose do they serve?

Do you just want them to do exactly as they say on the tin and let delegates know who’s who? Or are you seeking delegate engagement opportunities? Do you need data capture? How can you support your brand’s values?

If you’re a company that supports charities, is CSR-conscious and claims to be environmentally aware, opting for a paper or single-use plastic conference name badge probably isn’t going to work in your favour. Think carefully about how your badges can elevate your event – because, yes, they can.

Data, data, data

If you’ve worked out that data capture and analysis is important for you post-event, consider an RFID (radio-frequency identification) badge. These clever little gadgets can store information on each visitor and how they work their way around your event: what they spend their time on, what they buy, how they’ve engaged with your event. They can also be used for cashless payments and reducing queue times as delegates tap in and tap out using their badge.

This kind of information helps event organisers to continually improve their offering – if you know what’s popular amongst specific demographics, seasonally or in general, that’s a free pass to better events, my friend.

Free event promotion

Incorporating social media handles, QR codes and personalised details all encourage delegates to share their experiences online. Event organisers can utilise name badges to encourage delegates to share content on social media, enter competitions or access exclusive content post-event – and all of this helps to create more personalised experiences for your delegates. Win, win.

Download our conference name badge templates here, or if you’re looking for some event management support, get in touch with event planning experts at eve