Enchanting Elegance: A Wedding shoot at Ironmongers’ Hall


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By Go Ask eve

Wedding trends come and go, and you don’t want to be looking back at your wedding photos in ten or twenty years and fall out of love with the décor of your day. Sticking with timeless styles ensures you’ll be on trend forever and there’s nothing more timeless than romance itself.

We’ve got all the details from this romantic wedding shoot at Ironmongers’ Hall, with florals by Chic Weddings & Events and photographed by Jeff Oliver.

Ironmongers’ Hall, a historic and grand venue located in the heart of the City is the perfect venue for creating an elegant feel throughout each part of your wedding day. Bursting at the seams with history, this hidden gem whisks you away to a country house for the day without leading London.

The colour scheme for this shoot was chosen to work in perfect harmony with the details of the venue. The dark oak wood panelling and gold details throughout the venue, paired perfectly with deep red and burgundy. Undeniably the colours of passion and love, these tones will set the ambience for your guests of a day that celebrates your devotion to one another.

There is no other flower that says romance quite like the red rose. So, it was the only option as the prominent flower, these were intwined with rich greenery, adding depth and texture to the arrangements. With so many connotations of tradition, the red rose is a classic choice, enhancing the sense of sophistication.

Candles played a pivotal role in transforming the venue into a romantic haven. The warm glow softens the bold reds of the florals and the flickering flames add a touch of enchantment. Candlelight can transport your guests to a time where candles were the only source of light, again adding to the sense of tradition and therefore timelessness.

The long banqueting tables were set with a large space in the middle, perfect for a lavish feeling entrance for the newlyweds to their wedding breakfast. A first dance could take place here also, with the whole room able to appreciate and take in the romance. With the cake in the centre of tables, this focal point is another reminder to guests of tradition and celebration. Not forgetting a perfect backdrop for cutting of the cake photos!

The staircase provided the final picture-perfect backdrop. The candles create beautiful shadows and light on each step and will invite your guests upstairs. The stunning architecture matched with the impressive florals create a wow moment for guests arrival and departure.

If you’re looking for a London wedding venue with timeless elegance, then Ironmonger’s Hall is definitely for you. Working with our trusted suppliers, Weddings by eve can provide you with all tips and tricks on creating a wedding day that will never go out of style!