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Situated just a short walk from Charing Cross and Embankment stations, the Design Studio at RSA House offers a shared working space tailored for design-led projects. This interactive and creative hub stands out among the existing spaces in RSA House, embodying the deep-rooted relationship between the arts and the RSA. Designed with innovation in mind, the Studio is ideal for brainstorming creative ideas or producing something unique.


A Space for Ideas to Grow

At the heart of the Design Studio is a commitment to fostering creativity. The space features whiteboard walls, allowing ideas to flourish visually. Whether sketching out concepts or planning a detailed project, these walls make it easy to develop and expand thoughts. Additionally, the room-darkening blinds make the Studio suitable for projects requiring projections or specific lighting, such as photoshoots.

RSA Design Studio

Ergonomic and Flexible Furniture

Understanding the importance of communication and flexibility in workspaces, the Studio is equipped with ergonomic furniture. These pieces can roll, fold, angle, and elevate, facilitating group meetings, presentations, drawing boards, and more. This adaptability ensures that the space supports collaborative, communicative, and creative work.

Inspiring Design Features

The Design Studio is more than just a blank canvas. It boasts an inspiring wall mural designed by Elits, enhancing the creative atmosphere. A wall-mounted screen, cleverly disguised as a painting within a slim picture frame, ensures the room isn’t dominated by a black rectangle when not in use. This thoughtful design element keeps the space aesthetically pleasing and functional.

RSA Design Studio

Transform Work Processes

The Design Studio can revolutionise how teams work within RSA House. Whether planning a product launch in The Vaults or a fashion show in The Great Room, the Studio can serve as a base for teams in the days leading up to the event. This setup allows for onsite collaboration, streamlining preparation and fostering team synergy.

Ideal For:

Creative Projects
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Project Management
Off-site Workspace

RSA Design Studio

The Design Studio at RSA House is designed to inspire and support creative endeavours, providing the tools and environment needed to achieve great results. Discover how this space can elevate the next project.


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