A/V Inspiration for your next event


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At eve, our mission is to create extraordinary events that are memorable for years to come. A big part of the event experience is the audio-visual elements – but with so many possibilities, it can be difficult to decide what to go with. We’ve put our heads together (and our social media accounts) to give you all the A/V inspiration to make your next event a knock-out.

Turn your blank canvas venue into a work of art

If you’ve opted for a blank canvas venue to host your event, you have the opportunity to truly put your own stamp on the experience, make the most of branding opportunities and turn your event into exactly what you imagine. This is perfect for corporate events with ample branding opportunities, but it can also help you to create magical, immersive experiences for all types of event. You can use a projector to display your design which can easily be traced over, or if you’re feeling brave, go at it free hand like the fabulous and incredibly talented artist at our launch party in 2019.

Why not turn the walls into a visual masterpiece with a mural, work of art or illustration? Your venue will be entirely unique to your event and is sure to get your guests talking and sharing on social media – win, win!

Consider all the senses for experiential events

Truly immersive events are an experience: not only do they make you think and feel, they hit each of the senses with sound, sights, smells and even tastes that turn your event theme into much more than a visual element.

Consider how to turn your theme into a sensory experience – or if you didn’t go with a theme this time, how could you turn your brand into a tangible event experience?

For example, you choose a safari theme for your summer party. Before you start thinking about layouts, table settings, props or even venues, explore how you can turn your safari theme into an experience with the rumbling sounds of lions or elephants, traditional African cuisine and refreshing fruit drinks or the smell of sun cream. Consider music choices, lighting, entertainment and activities for your guests, the dress code for staff.

If the immersive, sensory experience doesn’t feel appropriate for your event, you could try incorporating a virtual reality area instead, which people can choose to take part in if they please. This can be a specific area of your event that provides the immersion – and people don’t have to get involved if they don’t fancy it.

Projected reality

Project an animated or themed scene at your next seasonal event, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or even summer. All you need to do is use an LED Projector and DVD player. This effect is known as digital decorating, projected reality or virtual 3D projection. The great thing about it is that viewers get the full 3D effect and experience without needing to wear the clunky, uncomfortable glasses. You can get your hands on loads of DVDs with pre-recorded scenes, some of which will let you customise them to really make them your own for an event.

Light it up

Think creatively about the use of lighting at your event and how it can elevate your theme, entertainment or music choices. Add some Christmas magic to your winter event with starry skies, create warm summer light or colourful displays for flamboyant themes.

If music is an important element for your event, think about incorporating a laser light show to give it that extra special edge and bring a touch of that music-concert-magic atmosphere to your event.

Projection is another great way of adding a bit of extra fun to your lighting: think snowflakes, stars, shapes, logos, messages, video and, if you’re feeling a bit fancy, murals, 3D images or interactive flooring.

For more on how to turn your event ideas into a reality, get in touch to speak to an event expert at eve or explore the journal for more inspiration.