10 Wedding 2023 Design Trends


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By Go Ask eve

We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times – where do you start? What’s in trend? How do you make it unique? From flowers to décor, there are a wealth of choices to consider, and picking out some of the trends for the year ahead can be a great place to begin. We thought we would offer a helping hand with inspiration from Chiswick House and Gardens and get those ideas flowing so you can plan your wedding reception of dreams.

Floral and Décor Trends: 

Goodbye pastels – hello pops of colour!  Now more than ever couples are getting incredibly creative with their décor. One of the biggest trends we’re predicting for 2023 is bold and unique colour palettes. 

Forget those pastel shades, think vibrant, bold and daring. After all, what suits a magical celebration better than bright and exciting colours! Pops of colour amongst a more neutral background can make a huge impact and give your wedding a design ‘wow’ factor. 

Try mixing up the heights on the tables with different sized vases, décor items, coloured candle holders, or coloured water glasses –  creating a more natural, free flowing aesthetic. 

Blue hues seem to be a very popular choice currently, either with linen choices, florals, or bridesmaids dresses – and what’s great about this style is you can incorporate your something blue into your wedding design! 

Ditch the dress!  

We’ve seen styles such as Asymmetrical Necklines and mock necks gracing the runway this season. 

But one that really stands out is the global trend of ditching the dress and opting for jumpsuits or heirloom separates.  Long gone are the days of the meringue – predictions for 2023 are all about two pieces and jumpsuits. And even better, you don’t have to find acres of closet space to store your wedding dress post wedding, the beauty of these styles is that you can take that outfit out for another whirl long after you say I do.  

The traditional white dress is also no longer a must have – Brides are choosing dresses in a wide range of colours, from pastel pink to rich burgundy.  

Your bride tribe 

So you’ve chosen your closest people in your life – now , what are they going to wear? Firstly, think about the time of year – are you planning a winter wedding with a deeper, warmer colour theme, or are you opting for a spring wedding with brighter, lighter colours? 

For winter weddings, we are seeing a huge surge in Burgundy, Navy, and emerald Greens, and for summer, the classic sage green is proving to be an all time favourite.

It isn’t just the colour of the dress anymore, couples are experimenting with different textures, such as silks, mesh, tulle – the options are endless! Try mixing it up with the textures, whilst keeping the same colour – the overall effect is stunning. 

In terms of shapes, couples are more and more frequently opting for one colour, different style. This is the perfect compromise when it comes to keeping all your bridesmaids happy. Not everyone will feel comfortable in certain styles, so perhaps offer a few different options. The photos look just as spectacular.

‘No confetti’ confetti 

That dreaded saying ‘no confetti allowed’ at wedding venues is a concern of the past. Yes, this can be frustrating but fear not, ‘no confetti’ confetti is a thing – and rest assured, it’s magical. 

Think ribbons, sparklers, and why not even think bubbles? 

Sparklers are a magical way to make your exit, and the photos can be spectacular. In fact, doing an exit photo at the end of the night, instead of trying to heard all your guests for a confetti photo in the day actually saves some precious time.   

Bubbles are our favourite substitution. The way the light catches the bubbles truly makes for a stunning photo. Quick tip though, when guests are all blowing bubbles, it can be a little quiet! Throw some bubble guns into the mix and get those guests cheering! Also, more bubbles the better in our opinion. 

Alternatively, get those guests waving their wands! I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos of guests waving their napkins – they’re great. So why not try wedding ribbon wands instead of confetti. Firstly, with multi-coloured ribbons, the photos are fantastic, and secondly, what a nice little gift to leave on the guests’ ceremony seating.  

Sustainable Design 

As we move into 2023 – we all want to find ways to be more sustainable, so why not start with the smaller details. 

Eco Wedding friendly favours are a big yes for 2023. There are so many options out there available.

Current trends we are seeing are ‘plantable favours’ such as seed packets with biodegradable eco-paper, tree planting kits, beeswax candles, or perhaps you could ask your guests to donate to a charity of your choice by announcing the good deed on their menu cards. 

In regard to florals, don’t panic, wedding ceremony arches / floral installations and flower walls are not going anywhere for 2023, but with anything like this,  think how these can be recycled during the day. Talk to your florist about moveable installations. Perhaps a two piece wedding ceremony floral installation can frame your top table later in the day. 

You could always go that extra mile and opt for a rented Wedding dress. We love the idea that such a beautifully designed dress will not spend the rest of its life hidden away in a cupboard, but be used for many more magical moments to come.  

By doing these little things, you will be playing a part in reducing your environmental impact and making your wedding more sustainable. 


In contrast to the colour schemes, we are predicting the total opposite for stationery. We are seeing more and more couples opt for the paired back, minimalistic styles. Classic, clean fonts and not a pattern in site. Again, the ‘personalisation’ idea is trending for next year. Some romantic trends of 2023 include monograms of the couple’s initials, interweaved together, or perhaps you could have a hand sketched illustration drawn of your venue. Both of these options have such a beautiful personal touch, with an elegant and sophisticated finish. 

In short – weddings for 2023 are all about creativity, personalisation, and making it your own. There really aren’t any rules anymore when it comes to your wedding day design. Find something that reflects you as a couple – after all – your wedding should be as unique as you are.